May 1, 2013

8th Congress on the Antiquity of the Basque Language

From Jatorriberri (bilingual: Basque-English):

8th. Congress on the Antiquity of the Basque Language. “Mythology: A Science for Analyzing the Past”.

The presentations will be held in Lazkao, Gipuzkoa the Saturday 25th. of May of 2013
  • Juan Inazio Hartsuaga: Fossil Words.
  • Roslyn M. Frank: Looking for attributes and cognitive tracks in the figure of fourteen, within and out from Euskal Herria.
  • Felix Zubiaga: Dramatic performance of a Sumerian-Basque tale.
  • Xabier Renteria: Basques of older times: Mythological vision of the world and pre-Indo-European Basque language.
  • Visit to the: Joxemiel Barandiaran's Museum
  • Jorge Oteitza gogoratuz. Notions of pre-Indo-European Basque philology
  • Antonio Laguardia: Iberian writings and the hieroglyphs from the 8th to the 29th Century B.C.
  • Presentation of new books. The DNA of Euskera, Studies of Iberian toponyms, The origin of Basques, The antiquity of words - Etymological Basque dictionary
  • Iruña-Veleia: What is new?

Registration: Congress outline and registering information can be found in the
following address:

There are other bilingual articles in the Jatorriberri newsletter.

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