Here there is a list of links of resources which may be of interest to readers of this blog. All sites in English unless indicated otherwise. See also the blogroll at the right side for specialized interesting blogs.

Prehistoria/Prehistory Google Group (Spanish/English).

Auxiliary wikis:


Prehistory, archaeology:


Basque theme:
  • Buber's Basque Page (an all-time Internet classic from the American diaspora: learn about everything Basque in English)
  • Euskararen Jatorria (the Origin of Basque) - a foundation on Basque-centered linguistics, prehistory and anthropology [Basque, Spanish, English] 
  • SOS Iruña-Veleia (dedicated to denounce and inform on the Linguists' Mafia attempt to make a key archaeological and paeloliguistic discovery pass as false) [Basque, Spanish, English]
  • Iruña-Veleia (page of the former directors of the site slandered by the Linguists' Mafia) [Spanish mostly]
  • Federico Krutwig Sagredo (on the Basque polymath who searched, in the mid-20th century, for the Basque roots outside the Basque Country, quite originally) [Spanish, Basque, Interlingua]


My most favorite webcomics (unrelated to anthropology):
  • Daily:
  • Several days/week:
  • Weekly:
    • Oglaf (erotic genre, best art and brilliant original humor)
    • Curvy (unconventional erotic SF: young woman from our time meets liquorice princess from another plane, sex and laughs ensue)
    • Athena Wheatley (from the same author as 'Curvy', SF in which virtual reality meets Dr. Who, so to say)
    • Delve (one dungeon, one elf: even odds - fantasy genre with good art, decent humor and frequent nudity - U like it)
  • Irregular:
    • The Noob (the funniest gamer comic ever, irregular updates)
    • Gastrophobia (Black Amazon Phobia and her son Gastro in the the little Greek town of Inconsequentia)
    • Power Nap (in a world where nobody sleeps anymore a small man still has to... best art, incredibly surrealist) 
    • Chuck Whelon's Pewfell is back (Jan 2015) after an 8-year hiatus!
There are many other comics I follow but I cannot list them all here, can I?

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