March 6, 2012

Atlantiar International Congress: contents

As mentioned earlier there will be a congress on the Paleolithic part of Basque origins (loosely) that will be in the Auditorio FICOBA, Irun, Gipuzkoa, on March 18th. The so-called Atlantiar International Congress has the following contents (my translated synthesis, as I could only find the schedule in Spanish and Basque languages):
  • 9:00 Documentation distribution
  • 9:30 Presentation
  • 9:45 Introduction of the Atlantiar project by Xabi Otero
  • 10:00 Stephen Oppenheimer: The origin of man: ancient and modern humans, the exit from Africa and recolonization of Western Europe
  • 10:45 Jean Clottes: Shamanism in the Paleolithic caves
  • 11:30 (break)
  • 11:45 Aude Labarge and Joëlle Darricau: The diversity of cultures of Upper Paleolithic based on the example of Isturitz
  • 12:30 Bruce Bradley: Solutrean Solution: Origin of the population of North America in the Pleistocene
  • 13:15 (main meal break)
  • 15:00 Dennis Standford and Margaret Jodry: Evidence of a maritime Atlantic tradition between Europe and North America
  • 15:45 José Antonio Mujica and Andoni Tarriño: The Western Pyrenees: a crossroads of Magdalenian routes: indications of mobility
  • 16:30 Xabier Peñalver Praileaitz I in the Lower Magdalenian
  • 17:00 (break)
  • 17:15 Theo Vennemann: The Basque language substrate in Central Europe: an argumentation synthesis
  • 18:00 Round table with the participation of Peter Bakker (linguist from Arhus University, Denmark), Javier Goitia (geographer, "archaeology of language") and Kleptin Stephen Agustine (curator of the Hull-Ottawa Museum of Civilizations, Mi'kmaq hereditary chieftain)
  • 19:30 Closure with txalaparta

Organizing committee: Stepehen Oppenheimer, Xabier Otero, J.A. Muxika and Dennis Standford.

Disclaimer: I strongly disagree with even the presence of the Clovis-Solutrean hypothesis (it's a total nonsense), much less in such a prominent place. I believe it really damages the congress, which otherwise looks at least somewhat interesting.

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