December 9, 2013

East African mtDNA charts at Ehio Helix

There's a (thankfully) growing interest in African genetics, both because of its importance for the origin of Humankind as a whole and also for its more direct relevance for Africans and people of recent African descent elsewhere. Therefore I can't but emphasize again the great work that Ethio Helix blog is doing in this aspect.

Today Ethio Helix gifts us with a most informative visual synthesis of East African mtDNA in form of bar charts. These are extremely interesting because of the wild array of lineages that this African region has, including quite significant amounts of less frequent lineages like L4, L5 or L6, or also the more extended but still worth studying L0 (and of course L2 and L3, as well as the occasional L1).

So I strongly recommend you to take a look. If you have any problems with the graphs (Google seems a bit buggy on them, he says), I solved them by mere zooming out (some sort of white layer was obscuring the rightmost part of them).

Update: it does not work well with Chrome (slow on Windows, does not work at all on Ubuntu) but it works perfect with Firefox.

A complementary Y-DNA chart is linked at this older post.


  1. "I solved them by mere zooming out"

    The zooming issue is an issue related with the width size I set on the charts, it is not an issue with the visualization API, so if that is the only issue you had that is good news, but the API has been having serious issues after a series of updates in the past couple of months that even go as much as preventing the whole chart from showing, I along with others have submitted some of these problems but no fixes have been made yet.

    1. That's the only issue I had unless a large white space between each chart is another. I can scroll over with the mouse and get the info tags and I can click in the legend arrows and get the second page of these without any problem.

    2. I'm browsing with Firefox and that is what works well. Just now I tried Chrome (which I almost never use) and it only shows a blank page under the introductory text.

  2. The large white space issue is an issue of correctly setting the Margins of the chart relative to the Chart area, I have corrected that, the chrome issue however maybe related to the API, although it runs ok with chrome on my machine, albeit slower than it does on Firefox, I have reported this issue to them as well. Thanks for looking into this Maju.

    1. I still don't see it with Chromium (Chrome for Linux). All my observations are done in the context of Ubuntu OS, just for the case there's a difference.

      "Thanks for looking into this Maju".

      You are most welcome. What less.


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