December 11, 2013

A note on comments

I'm keeping pre-moderation on comments as some individuals who have been banned keep posting and posting and I want them out (also the occasional spambot but not the main reason). 

However I've realized that I do not always get notice of all comments awaiting moderation (as I should), so some comments sit in limbo for longer than they should (until I notice on my own, what may take days or even weeks). My obligate and truly felt apologies but sadly is something beyond my control (although I'll try to look at the comments awaiting moderation list more often). 

If you find that your comment has not been published (and you and your comment are legit - the usual trolls abstain, of course, but most people and comments are much welcome here) please send me an email and I'll solve that ASAP. My public email can be found in my Blogger profile, although you have to delete the anti-spam protection "DELETETHIS" (it won't work otherwise).

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