November 14, 2012

On strike 24 hrs

Even if it is a yellow unions' call to strike, the reasons are many so I still feel obliged to second the semi-quasi-pan-Euro wannabe general strike of November 14. Therefore there will be no activity in For what they were... we are on this day and only strike related info in my politico blog For what we are... they will be.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Full day strike in Iberia, half journey strike in Italy and Greece, mere symbolic actions elsewhere - that's what they call the first "pan-European" general strike - next time should be better hopefully.

In the Basque country the majority (independentist) unions have  not even supported the strike, largely because they consider (rightfully) that the callers are class traitors white-washing their complicity. 

Still I and many others feel that we can't afford the luxury of not walking out in the extreme circumstances that they are pushing us into. 

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