September 13, 2012

Bronze Age settlement under the streets of Ankara

While it is well known that Ankara was once the Easternmost Celtic capital (Ancyra, capital of Galatia) not much is known of the previous period, specially not before the Iron Age, when it became an important Phrygian town founded by the mythical King Midas.

While some layers of the Bronze Age (Hittite influence) were dug in the mid 20th century, no such research has taken place since 1960. The new research at Çayyolu mound has found a diverse array of objects from this era (between 5000 and 3000 years ago) like pottery, hair ties, animal figurines and beads, that will in due time serve to better understand the proto-history of the area. 

The researchers hope to reach to Chalcolithic layers, never before researched in the Turkish capital. 


  1. That pottery vessel looks a lot like from Naqada Period, any thoughts?

    1. I don't know much on the matter but a quick search shows that only some Early Naqada vessels, such as this footed bowl, resemble the one from Ankara (ochre paint?) While later phases of Naqada have very different styles (spirals on natural clay's cream-colored background, internal burnishing, etc.)

      It does not mean anything at all in principle, specially because of both the geographic and chronological distance (at least 500 years maybe much more). But good catch in any case - who knows if there's some hidden link?


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