September 5, 2012

There could be up to 38 dolmens in Jaraíz de la Vera (Extremadura, Spain)

One of the dolmens
The mayor of the Spanish municipality of Jaraíz de la Vera[es] (Northern Extremadura) has announced that some 35 to 38 dolmens (megalithic tombs) exist in the dehesa (ranch) Boyal. This was announced as it was known that one of them will be available to visitors soon. 

The high concentration of dolmens in that location suggest, always according to Mayor Bonifacio Sánchez Cruz, that the area hosted an important Neolithic population and that Jaraíz de la Vera was its center.

The town is negotiating a protection agreement with the Extremaduran cultural authorities in order to protect the complex and make it available to researchers. They also hope to get funding for the excavation of the Neolithic sites in the municipality. 

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