July 11, 2012

22nd European Championship of Prehistoric Archery

Aitzbitarte caves (source)
It will be this weekend at the Landarbaso fields, near Aitzbitatrte cave (Orereta, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country). 

According to the brief note at Diario Vasco[es], the reception, inscription and team formation will be this Saturday 14th at 11:00. The competition of dart shooting with atlatl  will be that same the afternoon (16:00-19:00), while the bowmanship contest will take place on Sunday at 19:30. In the afternoon of that day prizes will be awarded. 

So if you happen to be at the beach in Donostia or surfing at Donibane, or maybe tired of running before the bulls at Pamplona or bored of the modern art of Bilbao's Guggenheim museum... maybe you could have a different weekend watching or even taking part in this prehistoric archery reenactment. 

Megalithic conservation workshop

One of the dolmens to recover (source)
Not far away several foundations (Kutxa Ekogunea and Cultural Service Zehartzen) have organized a free workshop to help recover and put into value as monuments the dolmens (megalithic tombs) that dot the area of Landarbaso (Donostia-San Sebastian). In spite of the coincidence of name (which means "ancestor field") this is a different area in a different municipality, although just a few kilometers away. 

This workshop is meant for 22 adults, who, in exchange for their collaboration, will get theoretical and direct knowledge of the Megalithic phenomenon and the Copper Age in which it took place. 

It will take place between the 16th and the 31st of July and the end date for inscription is this very friday.

Source: Diario Vasco[es].

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