February 25, 2011

Archaeonews Feb 25

The latest compilation of the sometimes quite interesting archaeological news from around the world by the people at Stone Pages is in my mailbox today. I cannot really pick one or two this time, so I'll offer you half a dozen instead:


  • 9 meters underwater at the Isle of Wigh... there is a whole Neolithic settlement with incredibly preserved wood artifacts - video at BBC
  • Recognize Somaliland to preserve its Neolithic treasures (right), or why UNESCO will not protect the impressive Neolithic cave art of this very real African state - article at CNN
  • Sauna and pork feast remains at Marden Henge, England. I'd say this pretty much demolishes the idea that saunas have any sort of Celtic or Indoeuropean specific cultural link - article at This is Wiltshire 

Metal Ages:
See also: Stone Pages.

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  1. European's artists seem to have skills skills that were remarkably advanced.

    Any ideas why the paintings are so good ?


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