May 10, 2014

Moravian Bell Beaker in context

Bell Beaker Blogger mentions this week a lecture presentation on the Hostice I burial site of Moravia which I find quite interesting because it helps to contextualize the Bell Beaker phenomenon of that area.

Matějíčková, A. - Dvořák, P. 2014: Bell Beaker Culture in Moravia: 30 questions, 30 answers, 30 pieces of evidence. Based on the burial ground Hoštice-I. Beaker Days on Danube 2014. Bratislava and Vienna. (Lecture) → available at

It's quite worth taking a look but, besides that, what I did was to create a synthetic map of the wider Eastern or Danubian Bell Beaker "province" and its relations with the other "provinces" of this cultural phenomenon of the Late Chalcolithic which I want to share here:

Red shaded area: Eastern or Danubian BB region per the main source
Slash lines: approx. extension of other Bell Beaker regions
Arrows: material relationships of Hostice I with regions other than the Danubian one (amber excepted)
Orange stars: sources of amber found in Hostice I
Black stars: main urban centers with Bell Beaker
Grey star: Amesbury/Stonehenge (non-urban center)

As reference for the wider context I used (mostly) the following "tutorial" source: Bell beakers from west to east (CONSEQUENCES OF AGRICULTURE, 5000-2000 B.C.)

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