August 2, 2012

'DNA in Forensics 2012' meeting at Innsbruck

In spite of the strange name the materials are all about population genetics, a main interest of mine and this blog, and that's why I mention it.

I'm not sure if all the names mentioned in the full program (PDF) will be partaking (or if it is just the materials to be discussed) but, if so, the meeting will be full of high profile geneticists.

The meeting will take place in September 6-8 at Innsbruck, Austria.

Short version of the program:

Thursday, Sep 06

Registration (10h00 - 14h00)

Welcome (14h00 - 14h30)

Richard Scheithauer (Innsbruck, Austria)
Mechthild Prinz (New York, USA)
Lutz Roewer (Berlin, Germany)
Walther Parson (Innsbruck, Austria)

Session I: Forensic aspects of the mitochondrial phylogeny
Chair person: Walther Parson. 14h30 - 16h30

Session II: Applications of mtDNA analysis
Chair person: Lourdes Prieto. 17h00 - 19h00
Friday, Sep 07

Session III: Updating the Y chromosome phylogeny
Chair person: Lutz Roewer. 09h00 - 11h00

Session IV: Applications of the Y chromosome phylogenetic approach
Chair person: Daniel Corach. 11h45 - 12h45, 14h00-15h30

Session V: Next generation Y-STRs
Chair person: Manfred Kayser. 16h00 - 18h30

Social Evening
Saturday, Sep 08

Session VI: New technologies in haploid marker analysis
Chair person: Peter de Knijff. 09h00 - 10h30

Session VII: Biostatistics of lineage markers
Chair person: Michael Krawczak. 11h00 - 13h45

For more details, see the dedicated website

(Hat tip PrinceDuadha).

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  1. "(Hat tip PrinceDuadha)"

    Oooooh, yoouuu!

    Ya, I don't know if they'll actually be there given that they are having the same presentations in S.F. in the same time frame.


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