February 8, 2012

Comment moderation

Sorry but I am implementing comment moderation for a short while. Some people do not seem to understand that this is my blog and that ultimately I set the rules here, with permission of all-powerful Google and Interpol.

Some people do not seem to understand that this is not a forum in the classical sense (I allow free comment for the most part but there are better such spaces and, if there are not, go create one yourself) and that hijacking one comment after another to promote a personal obsession even if is within anthropology, without even bothering to write their own materials (for example in their own blog, which is after all nothing but a personal or group notebook - accessible or not, that's optional).

It makes zero sense for someone to show up here and expose a whole hypothesis in fragmented form in the comment section. Yet that is what TerryT has been doing for way too long. With time I have realized that he's being really abusive and sentences like "I'm just trying to put you on the correct track" are totally representative of his self-righteous stand, intellectual stalking of me personally and his abusive hijacking of the discussion threads of this blog.

This temporary moderation is directed towards Terry and nobody else. I intend not to publish a single comment by him anymore unless he first does his damn homework and publishes his hypothesis in an easily accessible way and understands that you can't go around doing that to people, that we have our personal space even online and that disagreeing is normal and not a reason for pseudo-intellectual proselytism of the worst kind.

As exception and in order to allow himself to defend his name, he can post here as long as it's on topic: his disciplining and his abuse of me and my blog (not anything about mtDNA stems or whatever other scientific opinion matter, that he will have to post at his blog). 

I really hate doing this but either I block his comments before publication or I react to them angrily or I censor him after publication what feels bad (I have done with some other pseudo-intellectual stalkers). He has been repeatedly warned and yet he has forced me to take this action by ignoring all red lights once and again. 

Hopefully the comment moderation will be lifted soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.



  1. No worries, the bottom line is that this is your blog. If I went to the trouble to host a blog, I would moderate it from day one myself.

  2. It's a pity, I learned quite a bit from your discussions with terryt. Although, I can understand your reasoning.

  3. I have also learned stuff with Terry and that is another reason I am pissed off at his patronizing attitude, endless insistence on the same points and so on.

    I'm not even banning Terry, I'm just painting a red line about going in circles ad infinitum. And I hope he gets the message this time.

    "A circle becomes vicious if you caress it".

  4. "I would moderate it from day one myself".

    I generally prefer open access. It's not so hard to delete abusive comments regularly (I don't get many since I introduced the need for identification: anonymous are the most likely to be trolls or spammers).

    What I miss is the possibility of using identity to select known troublesome individuals for pre-publication moderation, without need to bother the rest at all.

    Most commenters are normally cooperative, friendly and useful. It's just the odd one who causes trouble.

    And anyhow, I tend to comment less when I do not see my text immediately published and, relatedly, reactions take more time and are more cautious because of the unavoidable fear or uncertainty that the preliminary moderation tends to imbue into communication.

    I do not think it's desirable. But sometimes it becomes almost unavoidable, I guess.


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