June 29, 2011

Iruña-Veleia affair: police won't do analysis

The incrustations appear to support the authenticity of the engravings
After a whole year of institutional delays, Spanish military police corps (Guardia Civil) has apparently told the judge that they will not do and that they cannot do the analysis to the controversial shard inscriptions found by Eliseo Gil's team in the Vasco-Roman town of Iruña-Veleia and which are quite central to linguistic and historical matters.

That is what El Correo newspaper[es] (founded by dictator Francisco Franco) claims and linguist Juan Marti Elexpuru echoes in his dedicated blog[eu]. However all the rest of the El Correo's article is all lies and manipulations so it is hard to say if there is any truth in the claim.

I therefore await confirmation by a more respectable source.

If I recall properly, the civic association SOS Iruña-Veleia and Gil's defense had offered to pay themselves the necessary tests in a reputed international laboratory. This kind of physical evidence is in any case necessary to establish the truth of the matter because all that the accusation has so far are contradictory graphological studies (one of which is clearly done in bad faith) and the conclusion of an even more controversial ad-hoc academic commission, where the evidence was notable for not being apparent anywhere.

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Location of Iruña-Veleia and other Basque towns of Roman era

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  1. Es por cosas como estas que todo lo que tenga la estiqueta "vasco" se toma con mucha precaución en todas la universidades del mundo.

    Lo de "El Correo newspaper[es] (founded by dictator Francisco Franco)" es de traca.


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