January 1, 2016

Happy new Roman year

Yeah, for some odd reason Romans were the ones to establish that the year began in a day like today, minor calendar corrections excepted. I still don't understand why the year "begins" in winter rather than in spring but that's how things are customarily. So happy new year to all. 

My goal for the new year is to get this blog back into activity, doing the most important work I left "to do" in the past two months. With a bit of luck and patience I may be able to do that today. If I wait, most likely it'll happen as with all other new year commitments: that it's left for the next year and so on, and so on...

So my goal is to do my new year commitment in a single day. Cross fingers, take deep breath, go!


  1. Happy new year. Looking forward to reading your new posts in 2016.

  2. Happy new year. Nice to see you active again.

  3. Happy new year.

    I think beginning in winter thing would have to do with the "rebirth" of the sun?

    1. You are right, of course. But for me it's very astronomically abstract, I find more "correct" the Spring Equinox because temperature and vegetation growth begin around there. It is much more intuitive to me. But guess it's very debatable.


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