October 15, 2012

Blog will get ads

Sadly I feel compelled to find economic resources in places I would not have tried before, so I have, after much procrastination, decided to include paid publicity in this blog via Google AdSense. I apologize to all readers for the bother and also because, in order to increase the site's actual traffic, I have cut RSS feed to short format, what make you force to visit the blog more often and not just read on the RSS.

I really really really hate it but if I can make some $300 monthly out of it (we'll see but that's what I have estimated based on what I could read around the net for similar traffic as this blog already has), then I must do it. If more, then the better, if much less, maybe not worth it.  As far as I know (it's all very obscure), I will get money based on both traffic and ad-clicks, specially the latter.

On the positive side I hope that, it motivates me to make this blog an even better site. 

I may also start a sidekick blog in Spanish language. Some people have in the past suggested me to do it but I was always reluctant because of the greater work it would be.  However, if I professionalize some of my blogs in the sense of expecting earnings from them, I can also think of that as a job and not anymore as just a hobby, so I can work more (and hopefully better) in them. 

Again my apologies for all the inconvenience. Feel free to discuss.


  1. As a frequent visitor, seems a grand idea for your work. Good luck with it.

  2. Maju, excellent idea, of course we should all make $ somehow, but what's best if you can make $ doing something you love to do anyways? I'll make sure i hit the ads and visit them just for you brother and everyone else should do the same for all the hard work you do just for us. Go for it with no regrets.

  3. Glad that you take it that way, thanks for your support. Personally I feel like I'm dirtying the site but well...

  4. I routinely endure ads at sites far less worth it than yours, and contrawise, there are certainly some very high quality ads that do have ads.

    As far as the notion of a sidekick blog in Spanish goes, I certainly wouldn't object to having a mix of Spanish language and English language posts at the same blog (and don't find the mix of languages in your blog feed on this blog to be annoying). But, if you did do that, it would be very helpful to have a two or three line summary of each of the posts in the other language to let a monolingual reader have some sense of what was going on in those posts.

    Most bilingual bloggers who blog in more than one language that I am aware of have separate blogs in each language, but I've encountered several quality blogs (I apologize for not remembering which ones at the moment, I didn't get much sleep last night since it was the tax return filing deadline) which are predominantly in one language but now and then have posts in another language.

    1. "high quality ads that do have ads." of course I meant to say "high quality blogs that do have ads." There aren't many ads with other ads embedded in them.

    2. Meta-adverstising: my ad is so good that your ad wants to be inside mine... Very few ads can do that but there's probably one or two.

      Anyhow. Latest is that my application has been rejected for "copyrighted material". I'm trying to figure out what it might be, so I can take it out, but Google is not too helpful so far: it's not like they say: "you have this and that one irregular links" or whatever but they just tell you there's something wrong, bye-bye.

      If I don't get ahead with this I may eventually explore definitely migrating to Wordpress and looking for other ad schemes.

  5. Don't worry about it, my friend. You work hard on this and you deserve some compensation. We can ignore stupid ads. It's probably the most democratic way to pay the freight anyway. Just keep up the good work on your blog.


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