July 21, 2011

PhyloTree Build #12

Just a quick heads up to report that the hyper-useful online mtDNA phylogenetic reference PhyloTree has been updated for the 12th time.

What is new? From the site:

Defining mutations updated: C4e, Z1a2, M12, M12a, M12b, M46, M50, D4a3a, I1, N9a6, N9a6a, A2f, A2f1, R0a, HV1, HV1b1, T2a1a1, R9c, B4a1a1a4, B4g, U5b1c2.
Newly added: L2a5, L2b'c'd, C1d1a, C1d1a1, M3c2, M12a1, M12a1a, M12a1b, M12a2, M18a, M26, M51a1a, M71c, D4h1b, W5a1a, W5a1a1, W5a1a1a, N8, R0a'b, R0b, HV1a'b'c, HV1a1b, HV1a2a, HV1a3, HV1b1a, HV1b1b, HV1d, HV4b, HV12a, HV12b, HV13, H3h, H1j1, T2a1a3, R9c1, F1a1c1, B5a1c, B5a1d, U5b1g, U5b2c2.
Multiple rearrangements/additions within: M7a2.
Relabeled: L2a1'2 -> L2a1-4, P8 <-> P9, K1ö -> K1f.
Acknowledgments: Norman Angerhofer, the EMPOP team.

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