July 18, 2011

Neanderthal woman found at Las Palomas

The almost complete remains of a young adult Neanderthal woman have been found in the Sima de las Palomas, an important cave site in Murcia, Spain, where the oldest known Neanderthal use of pigments and ornaments was discovered not long ago.

This woman's remains, only lacking the feet, include the most complete pelvis of any Neanderthal female found to date. She died some 50,000 years ago when she was maybe 20 years old. Her height was of 150 cm and had a robust complexion.

Along with her, the remains of eight other Neanderthals have also been unburied in the same site.

Sources[es]: Pileta de Prehistoria (includes video), Murcia.com

Ref. M.J. Walker et al., Morphology, body proportions, and postcranial hypertrophy of a female Neandertal from the Sima de las Palomas, southeastern Spain. PNAS 2011.


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