October 1, 2010

Leherensuge reference links: Prehistory and such

Prehistory (and some history) articles at Leherensuge:

[Updated Oct. 1]

In reverse timestamp order (newest first) within each category. For quick reference. Leherensuge is my old blog that gave birth to this one.

Historical period

Noain 1521 (the end of Southern Basque freedom)

Metal Ages and Protohistory

Neolithic and Chalcolithic

Hoabinhian Neolithic site (and other Archaeonews)
Again on Neolithic and European Y-DNA (largely about archaeology in fact)
Neolithic 'cathedral' at Orkney (and other news from British and Irish Prehistory)

Upper Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic
Paleolithic Chinese ate fish regularly (update mentioning coastal habitat in Eritrea 125,000 years ago)

Middle and Lower Paleolithic

Late human evolution maps (1.3 Ma to 60 Ka)


Physical anthropologist claims again that H. floresiensis was cretin H. sapiens
Venneman's exposition of Vasconic substrate in Western Europe
Archaeonews review Aug 2010 (Indian Megalithic ware, bone buttons of Mesoamerica, ancestor stones destroyed in Nigeria, oldest British house)
Archaeonews review June 2010 (Neanderthal-Homo divergence surely very old...)
Archaeonews review May 2010 (Otley cairn, coastal migration of Paleo-Indians, Neolithic Omani cemetery, Dilmun mounds will be researched and then destroyed, Tamil Nadu stone circles nearly destroyed...)
Archaeonews review Jun 2009 (oldest Taiwan hearth 20 Ka old, Starcevo culture 100 years older)
Archaeonews review Dec 2008 (Welsh fortress, cremation burials of Istanbul, Neanderthals did not hurl weapons, oldest marihuana stash, Black Sea canoe, gravettian art from Russia)

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