August 22, 2015

Quantity, quality and mood.

As you surely have noticed, I'm not anymore writing even a fraction of what I used to. Largely this owes to my own mood but also to the time that requires doing things properly (a good article takes between half to two 8-hrs workdays, not counting the time invested in general information). As result I have accumulated a huge list of "to do" bookmarks, many of which I will never address at all. 

In fact you can follow some of the stuff I read and never get to comment in this bilingual prehistory Google group

However I do want to at least briefly comment some of the latest stuff, taking advantage of my impulsiveness. So I will make a series of short entries, priming quantity over quality, so readers can get at least some basic info. This will be today and I don't promise anything for tomorrow.

Honestly, some days I feel that my productivity has become so low that I could well close shop. Other days I feel like trying to get the blog back on its feet but admittedly these are the rarer ones.


  1. Sometimes you can post a link to an interesting study, with a short comment. Your long articles are thoughtful and well researched, but you should not feel pressure to produce that scale of work unless it MAKES YOU HAPPY

  2. Agree with comment #1. I rarely comment, but stop by this blog once a week or so to see what is new. I enjoy your insights into topics I would otherwise know little of.


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