March 27, 2013

Trebiño: major flint stone quarry of the Upper Paleolithic

Trebiño (also Treviño in Spanish), just south of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Western Basque Country, includes de the sierra of Araiko, which was, we get to know now, in the Upper Paleolithic one of the main sources of flint stone of SW Europe, "exporting" to most of the Franco-Cantabrian Region, the core of Late UP Europe. 

The quarry left rather massive remains, hard to discern today, as they have been reclaimed by Nature again, such as 300m long ditches and rubble piles seven meters tall. Mining tools have also been found. The high quality Trebiñese flint stone was used by most Upper Paleolithic peoples in the region, underlining the notion of extense socio-economic networks already in those times, and the site continued in exploitation through the Neolithic and Chalcolithic eras. 

The archaeological site is in danger because of the planned erection of a wind energy generation park right atop of it. Update: the wind park planned on it was actually suspended on October 2012, it seems.

Source: Diario de Burgos[es] (via Pileta[es]).


  1. Any atempts to halt the wind park?

    1. Very good question because I was quite oblivious to the matter. The wind park was actually halted months ago: .

      I'll write an update on that. Thanks for asking.


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