October 17, 2012

Blog will NOT get ads

In the end Google AdSense has resulted impossible to deal with. Their bots claim that I have copyright infractions in this blog but they don't provide any details whatsoever, making impossible for me to be able to correct such vices. 

It was even suggested by some that the WP backup could be considered plausible copyright violation because there is another site with exactly the same content, go figure! Dealing with bots is worse than dealing with the worst bureaucracy apparently.

It has taught to me again this precious lesson: even if you wish to sell your soul, so to say, it's most uncertain that customers will be available.

Thanks for your support in any case.


  1. I bought a man's soul on eBay. It cost me $2.75. I still have it in my scrap book. I should find him and offer to sell it back.... for a profit of course.

    By the way, I very much like your blog. I would continue to visit even if you had ads.

    1. Nobody is sure about the value of souls these days anymore but that man must have been truly desperate to sell it for the price of a beer in a pub. I hoped to sell my soul a bit higher... it's a top quality soul, you know. :P

      Thanks for the compliments.

  2. Ask how others do it.

    Also, there's no shame in showing ads to keep yourself afloat. We know you do this because you enjoy it.


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