January 27, 2011

On strike

January 27th is a struggle journey in the Southern Basque Country against the attempts by the Spanish state and the Euro-banksters to demolish the system of pensions... just because... because they will make no money out of this reform: it is just a sign of bowing before the masters of International Capital without any purpose at all.

If they are so needy of budget cuts (lies!), first they should lower the salaries of the king, the ministers, the state councilors, parliament members, generals, subsecretaries, judges, etc. The next one is to cut the military budget: bring the troops from Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Ceuta and Melilla, then police budget, and so on.

Ultimately it will be unavoidable to declare bankruptcy, just not to bear the burden of loans, but first of all is to cut the salary of the king, of the prime minister, of the generals and the judges. They can afford a little haircut or a dozen, believe me.

The strike has been extended to other parts of Spain as anarcho-syndicalist, Catalan and Galician unions have joined this call.

But the strike begins now and this blog joins it.

General strike - closed

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