November 22, 2010

First ancient mtDNA nice maps

Guess that last week's aperitif left you hungry for more and improved ancient mtDNA maps. At least that is my case. However it is hard to check all sequences, in some cases having to re-read the original papers, keep record, double-check for errors and get Open Office to do what you want it to do.

Still I am advancing, even snails do move. And finally I can offer you some of these maps, more will come soon, I believe.

I hope you like these:

Early/Middle UP - click to enlarge

Late UP - click to enlarge

Epipaleolithic/Euphrates Neolithic - click to enlarge


  1. These dates are based on carbon dating?

  2. Yes. I think that calibrated C14 ages. The first map refers to Gravettian and Solutrean periods (Early and Middle Upper Paleolithic, as there are no analyzed remains from the Aurignacian period).

    For details please refer to Jean Manco's aDNA page, which I generally used and use for reference on aDNA matters (this does not imply agreement with her in other issues but her work on aDNA research online cataloging is outstanding, no doubt). In her site you can find all the references and other details.

    The interest of these maps is not only that they are visually accessible but that I scrapped the subjective (and sometimes obsolete) reporting of authors and directly compared, very methodically, the reported sequences with PhyloTree (version 11).


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